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Comemoração Solar no Canadá - Junho 2007

Vão-se comemorar no mês de Junho, no Canadá, as invenções solares do padre Himalaya.O programa pormenorizado pode ser consultado em This conference will be in French, English and Portuguese.
The Father Himalaya Project is a fascinating Coference, Film, Exposition, Dinner and Dance around the theme of the Sun and the Environment. It will be a Night of Arts, with local Portuguese Canadian artist showing off their paintings, photography, crafts, books, poetry and music.

It will be a night where we show our generosity to the Cancer Society, The Portugues Speaking Students Association of Ottawa University, and Les Enfants de Espoir de Hull.

Join us for an informative conference with Professor Jacinto Rodrigues, the author of "The Solar Conspiracy of Father Himalaya;" also with Film Director Jorge Antonio for the showing of "The Wonderful Story of Father Himalaya," and discover how a Portuguese catholic priest became the pioneer and the father of solar science.
Musacademia, in colaboration with FC Unidos and Casa will be presenting the Father Himalaya Project on the 2nd of June at Maison du Citoyen in Hull, rue Laurier.
Program Salle de Fette: 11am to 11pm

– Exposition on Father Himalaya and Environmental Technologies
– Exposition of ELCRO the Portuguese Business of the Region
– Exposition of Solar Energy and Renewable Energies Enterprises
– Exposition of our Sponsors
– Exposition of whom we sponsor: Cancer Society, Les Enfants de Espoir, Portuguese Speaking Students Association of Ottawa University

Program at the Agora:
- 5:30pm, Cocktail Reception for the Father Himalaya Project
- 6:30pm, Dinner by Lolachers Catering
- 8pm, Conference by the amazing researcher Jacinto Rodrigues from the University of Porto, Portugal, author of “The Solar Conspiracy of Father Himalaya”
- 9pm, Movie-Documentary “The Amazing Story of Father Himalaya” by film director Jorge Antonio from Portugal
- Other guests speakers still to be announced
- 10:15pm to 2am, Entertainment and dance

The conference will have an extension for workshops on the 3rd of June at Centre Portugais Les Amies Unis 42 Rue Hanson from 1pm to 6pm. The program will be posted soon... Here are some of the ideas: mini solar car race, children's solar furnace expo and contest, environmental short story contest.
Want to participate, speak at our conference, take advantage of a free table on the Exposition site, or donnate? Gives us your information.

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Here is a link to greater details about the Project Father Himalaya:
Padre Antonio Gomes Himalaya
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